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Mobile learning games with the emphasis on different languages and cultures of the world.


Bringing together the knowledge of Nordic and local teachers

Based on local culture and nature

Age-appropriate with 4 difficulty levels (ages 2-8)

Combined with off-screen activities

Games directory of 75+ to be localized into your language

As many requested, we started a pilot for English with Indian cultural elements. The 1st version of the educational app constists of 24 minigames and we continue adding new educative games every month.
Our pilot mobile appilcation in Hindi language contains 60 educational minigames. Co-created with local teachers and has already 400K+ users.
Our pilot mobile appilcation in Marathi language contains 26 educational minigames. Co-created with local teachers and has already 50K+ users.
Our first application was for our country of origin – Estonia. The app consists of 70 minigames and and it has 80K+ users in Estonia and expats in 134 countries. The e-learning games are used in 300+ schools and kindergartens. Read more…


With the help of Estonian people we localized ALPA app for Ukrainian children to use worldwide free of charge. The app was launched in June 22′ with 45 minigames. It has already 100K+ users scattered in 124 countries.


What language would you prefer we add next? 

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the team

We are all parents and specialists in our own fields 

Our awesome team has experience in mobile development, graphic design, marketing, language technology and much more. And we all have at least one university degree in the respective fields. Apart from being co-workers, we are also long-time friends.
the company

ALPA Kids. Estonian educational technology company


in public media
"One of the TOP Estonian edtech companies ALPA Kids and one of the most awarded global preschool chains Little Einsteins, join forces to provide quality e-learning games for Indian heritage children worldwide from right here – the heart of Education Nation – Tallinn." Education Nation
"Estonia, the leading education nation in Europe (No 1. in PISA test in Europe), will be sharing its digital education tools for free to support other countries’ education systems during the COVID-19 crisis."
"So far companies like 99math, Lingvist, Clanbeat, Speakly.me, ALPA Kids, and DreamApply have joined the initiative and are offering their tools for free."
"Digital education tools to support other countries’ education systems during the COVID-19 crisis"

“Every child deserves the chance to use quality digital content in it’s native language”