Alpa, the main character
This fun alpaca Alpa is a global traveler, who especially loves to visit small exotic places just like Estonia. Together with children he discovers the local culture and language. He is joyful and calm, but when you call him a llama he might get upset and even spit.
ALPA Kids Amrit Kaur (3)
Amrit Kaur, Indian English & Hindi voice actor
Amrit Kaur is an actor, writer, and producer. She is the voice of our alpaca, Alpa, in India! She trains regularly at the Lonsdale Smith Acting studios, devoted to the art of practice. She’s presently writing her own series, producing, and is an ensemble member of the Gracemoon Arts Company: developing film & theatre that courageously tells the truth. Film credits include The D Cut (Crave), Star Trek Shorts (CBS), Little Wars (GAC), Kim’s Convenience (CBC) & Little Italy (E-One).

Kelly Lilles, CEO and Content Manager
She and her lovely sons are behind the concept of the project. Kelly has a BA in Estonian Philology and a MA in Translation Studies. For the past 6 years she has been running national and international language tech projects at institutions like the National Library of Estonia and the Institute of the Estonian Language. 
It might come as surprise that aside from speaking the language of bureaucracy she loves manual labor – hand drill and a circular saw are well handled by her and she has tiled quite several bathrooms of her friends. But… she can neither cook nor ski.
Mikk Lilles, CTO
Project and team lead who aside from dealing with all the technological stuff can squeeze out the voice of Alpa. Mikk has been an IT project manager for over 10 years out which the last 5 years as the head of the mobile development department. When metal music is not refreshing enough, we may see him hanging behind the office windows – he loves the hights and is also a certified arborist. At home he loves to play football with his two sons and make extremely healthy smoothies.
Reimo Meier, Head of Designs
Reimo has finished entrepreneurship and project management at the University of Tartu. He has 6 years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and 10 years in graphic design. He is behind our visual identity and the appearance of our main character Alpa. At home he just loooves taking care of his 1-year old son.
Janek Jaago, CCO
Janek is a mutant combining technology, business development and strategic marketing. His academic background is from the University of Tartu: BA in leadership and marketing and MA in technology leadership and entrepreneurship. His working competence in the same fields started already in 2007 and he has an experience in the leaders of corresponding sectors, incl. Estravel, Ekspress Grupp and Veriff. When Janek has a spare moment and his youngsters give him permission, then you might catch him taming the dragon of wind or teaching it to others – he is an internationally certified kitesurf trainer at the Surftown surf school.
Madde Rebane, Marketing Specialist
Madde has bee working with children for over 6 years and at school for over 4 years. Her work has been including the arrangement of marketing strategies and social media coverage at a youth center and schools. As schools and books go hand-in-hand, Madde is the sweetest book nerd who has read through for example all Harry Potter books…. for 10 times!!

Liisa-Ingrid Kerson, Marketing Specialist
Ingrid is a marketing student. Previously she had learned photography and is still very active in that field. In addition to marketing and photography she likes to do hand crafting. During free time you may find her wandering around bogs and nature trails.
Karl Kristjan Mõtlik, Developer
Karl Kristjan is a joyful computer geek, who is interested in different cultures. He does not eat any kind of soup and he is not able to ride a roller coaster without feeling sick but… this has not been an obstacle to recently finish his BA in Business Information Technology at the Tallinn University of Technology. 
Pihel Saatmann, Developer
Pihel finished her BA in informatics at the University of Tartu and she has worked as a programmer for 5 years out of which the last year officially as a game developer. She likes to spend her spare time balancing calmer and more involved activities – cooking, consuming PC games and movies and also going to the gym and other physical activities.