Terms of Use


  1. General Information

1.1 ALPA Kids (ALPA Kids OÜ, Estonian reg. no. 14547512) is developing in collaboration with preschool teachers, educational technologists and child development specialists educational mobile applications for preschool age children.


1.2 ALPA Kids Terms of Use explains what terms are set for using ALPA applications.


1.3 We at ALPA Kids presume that if our application has been taken into use, the user has read our Terms of Use and acknowledged it.



  1. Purchasing and Invoicing


2.1 ALPA Kids purchases are mediated by app stores, who may ask data like your name, card number etc to finish the purchases.


2.2 ALPA Kids does not have access to the data connected to your purchases.


2.3 ALPA Kids has the right to change the pricing without any advance notice.


2.4 With any problems regarding purchasing or invoicing you must get in contact with the app store where you bought the app or where you are trying to buy the app.


2.4 Even though we do not see your purchasing data, we are more than welcome to provide support and assist you on your purchasing activities.


  1. Updating the App


3.1 We constantly update the ALPA Kids app.

3.2 The updates may entail some technical difficulties in the performance of the app or in the information presented in the app. The inconvenience that has come forth due to these circumstances are not compensated. ALPA Kids will do its best to solve difficulties ASAP.


  1. Intellectual Property Rights


4.1 Intellectual Property Rights of the ALPA Kids mobile application, including design, content and code, belongs exclusively to the company ALPA Kids OÜ and all reproductions are prohibited without a prior written consent of the company.


  1. External Links


5.1 ALPA Kids mobile app may link to other websites not belonging to the company (Facebook etc) or some other content. Visiting those websites we recommend reading their privacy policies and terms of use as ALPA Kids is not responsible for those sites.


  1. ALPA Kids Privacy Policy

6.1 ALPA Kids’ user has the obligation to read and acknowledge our Privacy Policy.


  1. Settlement of disputes

7.1. The Privacy Policy has been drawn up in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia and the application, interpretation, and termination thereof shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Estonia.


7.2. Any disputes arising from the performance of the ALPA Kids Terms of Use shall be settled through negotiations. If the Parties fail to resolve the dispute through negotiation, the disputes shall be settled by Harju Maakohus (Harju County Court), pursuant to the procedure provided by the law of the Republic of Estonia.



  1. Contact details

8.1 For any feedback, questions or complaints please contact us on info@alpakids.com.